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 Are you a “fiduciary”?  Is that important?


Yes…and yes.  As a registered investment advisor, REG Capital Advisors is legally a fiduciary with regard to your assets; that is, we are legally obligated to always put your interests first in any action that we undertake in managing your money.  We would anyway, but there is also a legal obligation.  While there are many stock brokers and financial planners who deal ethically with their clients, we simply note that neither stock brokers nor financial planners are under any legal obligation to place your interest first, as neither of them are deemed as “fiduciaries” in the legal sense.


Who do I talk to at REG Capital Advisors?


You speak directly with the person who manages your assets – Richard E. Greulich, Jr.


How will I know how my account is doing?


Since it is your account at Interactive Brokers, you will have electronic access to view all account activity.  Interactive Brokers will directly electronically provide you with Trade Confirmations, Monthly Statements, and an annual 1099 Report.  REG Capital Advisors will provide you with an Account Appraisal in a quarterly letter as well as an annual Realized Capital Gains/Loss Schedule.


What are your fees?


Our fees are 2% per annum of the account value, payable quarterly, in arrears (at the end of a quarter).


Can I open up a non-taxable account such as an IRA with REG Capital Advisors?


Yes, we manage both taxable and non-taxable accounts for individuals.


Do you buy annuities for your clients?


No.  Client Accounts consist of publically traded securities, mostly common stocks or ETF's.